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Male Lacrosse team adult lacrosse in San Diego is looking for more players Lacrosse

Posted Wed, Feb 17 by paul from San Diego, CA in Teams and Groups / 41 replies

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    Our team, adult lacrosse, needs more players

    If interested, reply and let me know...
  • Brian replied Mon, Mar 1

    how often do you guys play? i havent played in a long time but would love to play again
  • Ross replied Sat, Mar 13

    I would like more info as well. I haven't played in a few years but am looking at getting back into it. Played high school, college (club) and adult league as defense and goalie.
  • Thomas replied Mon, Mar 15

    I would too like some more info. I haven't played in a while either but would like the chance to get back into things. I played high school and in the Marines at defense and long stick middie.
  • Marc replied Tue, Apr 20

    I'd like to join the team. I'm a middie who played through college.
  • Garrett replied Fri, Feb 25

    I'm not sure how old this post is, but I just moved to San Diego and I am looking for a team to play for and stay active. Played four years at Indiana University. Pretty solid defenseman. Would like to hear more about the team.
  • Marc replied Sat, Feb 26

    I am very interested!! email me asap!
  • Ron replied Wed, Apr 6

    i also am looking to play, long pole middie, or close defense email me, or anyone else that knows of pick up games or clubs
  • jesse replied Sun, Apr 10

    i'm down to play, midfield with 9 years of experince, let me know about anything that happens
  • Reid replied Mon, Apr 18

    Is this still going on? Me and a few of my friends are looking to play. Email me if it is
  • jesse replied Mon, Apr 18

    I don't think so, this post was from a while back. Nobody ever replied to my post or emailed me. So far all I have found for any leagues are: (they have some mens teams in the tourney), and some ucsd mens summer league in July (the site you have to look up). That's all I have for now
  • mark replied Mon, Aug 8

    I've never played Lacrosse before and would like to get on an adult beginner league here in San Diego if there is such a thing. Is there anyone here that can point me in the right direction?

  • Ryan replied Tue, Feb 21

    I am very interested...played midfield in HS & College as well as coached
  • juan replied Wed, Mar 7

    i am also interested ive played all my high school years as middie
  • james replied Fri, Mar 9

    I played in High School and a little club ball in college at attack. I'd like to play if we can get something together.
  • jeremy replied Tue, Mar 13

    Let's get this thing going!
  • Stephen replied Sun, Mar 18

    I am very interested. I played offensive mid in middle school and attack in high school back in Virginia.
  • Peter replied Fri, Mar 23

    email me i am interested

    -peter d
  • Antonio replied Sat, Apr 21

    I'm interested email me any info . I know other players that can join as well.
  • John replied Wed, Apr 25


    I just recently moved to San Diego and am very interested in playing some Lacrosse for fun. If any got any idea where I might be able to find a Rec league to play in that would be cool. Email is Thanks.
  • jeremy replied Tue, May 1

    Hey guys, 6 of us met up this past Saturday at Naval Base San Diego and we played 3 on 3. We're going to try to keep doing this every Saturday morning 8-11 am. If you haven't posted your email address on this page and you want an invite/directions, go ahead and post your info. If you are military, just meet us at the NBSD turf football field behind the ADM Prout Gym and pool. If you are civilian and need help getting on base, park at the Church's Chicken parking lot at Main St / 32nd St by the Naval Base in National City. We'll make 815 and 830 pickups to get you onbase. Each Friday morning, I will go sign us up to reserve the field and one of us will send an email to everyone who signed up to confirm the time. If we can get a core group of solid players most weeks, we're going to try to make a team to join an adult league here in SD. Let's do this!!!
  • Christopher replied Tue, May 1

    Is there room for a beginner cuz I never played before but amlooking to.
  • Christopher replied Tue, May 1
  • Joe replied Mon, Jun 11

    Could you send me some more info about the league and the team? I am a 22 year old guy who just moved here from northern california and play face off, midfield and LSM
  • jeremy replied Sat, Jul 21

    Forward this on to your lax buddies. Adrenaline has a new program
    where you check out their gear, earn points, and get free stuff like
    hoodies, custom helmets, etc. Try this link:
    Hope all is well!
  • juan replied Sun, Jul 22
  • George replied Sun, Aug 26

    I'm interested. I haven't played in a few years but would love to get back into it. please send info to
  • Ruben Alejandro replied Tue, Mar 12

    I am really down, only been out one year but I miss lacrosse so much.
    I play defence and a little attack.
    Please contact me asap at ->
  • Antonio replied Thu, Mar 14
  • Charles replied Thu, Apr 18

    I'll play. 3048592705
  • Zachary replied Tue, Apr 30

    I'm loofing for a lacrosse team to join. My current position is goalie, but I also played long pole for a couple of years. Please contact me at
  • Clayton replied Sun, May 12

    Hi - is this post still current?
    If so are you all still playing? Etc..
  • joe replied Sun, Jul 7

    is this still going, I want to play. i played mid and attack back east
    my e mail is
  • Ryan replied Thu, Mar 6

    looking to get back into the game. Came out of highschool with 3 D1 offers but choose football instead. if any one has any info please email me:

    i play midfield and defence
  • Eric replied Fri, Mar 21

    Definitely interested, would be great if more North County near Rancho Bernardo but whatever works.
  • Bryce replied Tue, Apr 15

    I can see that this thread is probably dead, but if anyone wants to create a team lets get one going. Im sure we can get enough people to make one, if not just scrimmage type games would work. I played a little with my hockey team in North Carolina to help us play hockey. I played defense and Im very athletic.
    Im studying at Miramar college and I want to play at SDSU, CSUSM, or UCSD and Id like to play with some experienced guys to learn and grow.
    Email me if you'd like to make something.
  • Jonathan replied Mon, May 12

    I would be in as well..
  • Ricardo replied Fri, Sep 25

    Im interested in joining a men's lacrosse team. I have 3 years high school experience and 1 year in college level lacrosse at OVU. I play midfield and sometimes attack
  • james replied Wed, Mar 30

    Looking for a league too, please let me know. Play middie, attack if needed, can play long pole if no one else.
  • Nicholas replied Fri, Sep 23

    I was wondering if anyone knows about or is will to start a indoor league. Maybe start as a pick up team or even meeting up and throwing the ball around. I use to play back in middle and high school 2005 to 2009 and been needing some lax in my life. Let me know. I usu to be Crease defend and long stick middie. But only have short sticks now
  • benjamin replied Wed, Apr 5

    Can be reached at 619 621 4887
  • Kevin replied Sun, Jul 9

    Play Epic Lacrosse Box LAX every Friday night in Poway at the Sportsplex 6-8 pm. Or may mover to 4s Ranch. More details on their website
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