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girls needed for coed Soccer

Posted Sun, Dec 4 by Fabian from Santee, CA in Teams and Groups / 4 replies

  • Fabian's Soccer team needs players on Mon, Dec 5

    i play in santee on monday nights. we are a above average team id say. but i had some girls that cant play anymore so looking for some if ur interested numbers in my info. first game is tommorrow but i can add players up to 3 weeks into the season
  • Desire replied Mon, Dec 5

    is it free to play?
  • Fabian replied Mon, Dec 5

    Unfortunately not. Its about 55 for the season and 10 for player card that last a whole year. Super nice field though.
  • Omnia replied Tue, Dec 6

    Hi! I'd be interested in playing. Do you guys get together and practice anytime?
  • Jessica replied Sun, Jul 30

    Hi, I'm interested. Let me know if you are still looking for female players. Thanks!
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