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Co-ed Airsoft team Rangers in San Diego is recruiting players Airsoft

Posted Mon, Aug 1 by Arshia from San Diego, CA in Teams and Groups / 14 replies

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    Our team, Rangers, needs more players

    If interested, reply and let me know...
  • Sean replied Fri, Feb 3

    Im a noob, but versed in cqb not by choice, have a g36 and a good shot... Want to get into a league and battle.
  • Sean replied Fri, Feb 3

    I also broke a bottle at 60 feet single shot with
    My g36. Easily replicated
  • Sean replied Mon, Feb 6

    I'm down to play! Lakeside, or alpine?
  • Jacob replied Wed, May 2

    I need a team. Mind if I join?
  • dennis replied Thu, Jun 14

    where do u play at?
  • Kevin replied Thu, Jul 19

    im looking for a team as well... im in carlsbad and im 15...
  • Todd replied Thu, Jul 26

    Got a ak-47, m1911, p90, m56 shotgun and I'm experienced in cqb matches
  • Kevin replied Thu, Jul 26

    Why don't we just start a team in Carlsbad?
  • Jack replied Mon, Dec 3

    Where do you meet, need new guns (long story but all im left with is a Double Eagle M83 M4) im 15 but well versed in combat tactics and execution, best when on an outdoor field
  • Todd replied Mon, Dec 3

    Need a sniper, or cqb/tac assault warrior? Look me up. Living on nas coronado
  • Brandon replied Tue, Dec 11

    I have loads of weaponry. Hit me up with a location. I'm in Santee. Have the perfect spot to go.
  • jerry replied Sun, Jan 6

    Live in San Diego do need still need people?
  • boston airsoft replied Sun, Jul 7

    im a begginer with the best accracy and looking for a team and in la mesa san diego
  • Raven replied Sun, Feb 26

    Looking for action/events
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