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Who wants to play ping pong in Del Mar/La Jolla? Table tennis

Posted Tue, Jan 28 by Napoleon from Del Mar, CA in Players and Activity Partners / 3 replies

  • Hi,
    I'm hoping to get a group of friends together to play ping pong once or twice a week. So, if you play, I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Alfonso replied Wed, Jan 29

    i live in PB. let me know what days and i can play!...also what time too. i work m-f from 830 to 5...but let me know
  • Dung replied Wed, Jan 29

    I live at Oceanside, what's day and time I can play? Where's your address?
  • Dung replied Fri, Jan 31

    Hi Napoleon
    I came Carmel Valley Com Part to day about 5 pm but I don't see any body play pin pong. Room 1 is busy for kid now and room 2 still has table. As you know pin pong can't play alone. You 'd like to make a group to play it so you set up the time for group and you must be there please. May be the first time just some people but I think the group will grow up for a long time, the most important we play for our health.
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