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Female in La Jolla is interested in finding a Volleyball player Volleyball

Posted Wed, Oct 7 by Taylor from La Jolla, CA in Players and Activity Partners / 8 replies

  • I'm looking for a Volleyball team and/or games. If anyone knows of any openings, let me know...
  • Sandy replied Tue, Oct 13

    Hi Taylor, my name is Sandy and I play with my friends at Ski Beach. If you send me your email, I can add you to the Evite I create every time we play. My email is
    I hope you come out to play with us. It sounds like you are a better player than us but we play almost every Saturday @ 10:30 at Ski Beach and could use more players.
  • Taylor replied Tue, Oct 13

    Awesome! Thank you so much! I hope to attend a few!!
  • Ariel replied Fri, Apr 15

    Taylor what level player are you? I know of a few options for indoor play for you in Carmel Valley,....
  • Taylor replied Fri, Apr 15

    I'm at the competitive level. I got onto VAVI teams. Monday nights in Pacific beach. What are the ones in Carmel Valley?
  • Ariel replied Fri, Apr 15
    More competitive than vavi and better run unless your looking for the social singles aspect of vavi...
  • Taylor replied Mon, Apr 18

    Thank you for showing me this! I did VAVI because it was what I could find. I'm married so ya not for the social aspect of it haha it looks like you have to have a team already to sign up for sandiegovolleyballleague...I dont know enough peeps
  • Ariel replied Mon, Apr 18

    Email me contact info through league website and I'll add your name to the list. At least as a sub for now.
  • Taylor replied Mon, Apr 18

    I'll just give you my info here if that is ok

    phone: 509-528-6243

    Sub is perfect for right now. when does the next league start? i couldn't find it on their website
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