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Tuesday, Mar 13
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Tue, Mar 13 by SanDiego in San Diego, CA
San Diego Beach Volleyball League needs people on Mon, Mar 17 at 9:00 AM

Monday, Mar 12
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I'm looking for a Pickleball player around La Mesa Pickleball

Thu, Aug 13 by Geralynn in La Mesa, CA / last reply Mon, Mar 12

Thursday, Mar 1
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Torrey Hills Wed Night CoEd Softball Needs 1 Girl Softball

Thu, Mar 1 by Bob in San Diego, CA

Tuesday, Feb 27
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Up for Camping? Camping

Tue, Feb 27 by Horto in San Diego, CA

Tuesday, Feb 20
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Up for playing some Pickleball? Pickleball

Sun, Feb 11 by Diane in Chula Vista, CA / last reply Tue, Feb 20

Thursday, Feb 15
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Up for Yoga? Yoga

Thu, Feb 15 by Julia in Encinitas, CA

Wednesday, Feb 14
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Want to join a Male Soccer team? Soccer

Wed, Feb 14 by Tim in Poway, CA
Team Profile: FA Monday

Tuesday, Feb 13
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Tue, Feb 13 by Sportsplex in San Diego, CA
League Profile: Sportsplex USA Adult Soccer & Softball

Saturday, Feb 10
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Looking to play Baseball? Baseball

Sat, Feb 10 by Tony in Chula Vista, CA

Monday, Feb 5
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Airsoft team Theron Zoe needs players Airsoft

Thu, May 30 by Tiberius in San Diego, CA / last reply Mon, Feb 5
Team Profile: Theron Zoe

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Interested in joining a Airsoft team? Airsoft

Mon, Jul 4 by Jacob in Santee, CA / last reply Mon, Feb 5
Team Profile: Grimm Rock

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Male is interested in finding a Airsoft player Airsoft

Mon, Feb 5 by Ryan in El Cajon, CA

Wednesday, Jan 17
Tuesday, Jan 16
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Soccer Players needed 45+ Starting Season now! Soccer

Tue, Jan 16 by Samuel in Chula Vista, CA
Samuel's Soccer team needs players on Tue, Jan 21 at 10:00 AM

Monday, Jan 15
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Seeking players for our Co-ed Softball team Softball

Mon, Jan 15 by Karen in Oceanside, CA
Team Profile: Hit Squad

Sunday, Jan 14
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Male is looking for a Baseball player Baseball

Thu, May 11 by Jonathanleo in Escondido, CA / last reply Sun, Jan 14

Wednesday, Jan 10
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I'm hoping to find Walking events Walking

Wed, Jan 10 by Ross in San Diego, CA

Tuesday, Jan 9
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Male is trying to find Bowling games Bowling

Tue, Jan 9 by Robert in Ramona, CA

Wednesday, Dec 20
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Up for playing some Soccer? Soccer

Wed, Dec 20 by Samm in Carlsbad, CA

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I'm hoping to find a Softball player around Carlsbad Softball

Wed, Dec 20 by Kyle in Carlsbad, CA

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